About Us

Furniture delivery

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote dignity and stability by redirecting donated furniture to families in need.

Our Story

In 2016, our first year, we started in a home garage. We provided furniture to 18 families. In the month of December 2019, we provided furniture to 80 families, representing a 450% monthly increase.

Our rapid and consistent growth has affirmed BAFB’s value, business model, and the need for our services.

BAFB is solely committed to supporting a social return on investment by uplifting the lives of our clients. As of July 2022, BAFB has proudly provided furniture for 3,947 adults and 2,784 youth.

We have also diverted over 2,400 tons of furniture from landfills, providing a valuable environmental benefit to our community.

We’ve found the clearest path to achieving our growth has been through collaboration. We’re proud to align with people and organizations that support us in reaching our goals and addressing our clients’ needs.

We Furnish Futures

Many of our clients are transitioning out of homelessness or displacement. They include veterans reentering civilian life, women and children fleeing abuse, teenagers who have aged out of foster care, refugees needing assistance, and those overcoming other personal tragedies. While many are assisted by social agencies in finding shelter, they often don’t have the means to purchase basic furnishings. BAFB helps them make their living space a home. We collect gently used furniture, inspect and clean it, and then deliver it to those in need.

Our Values


We try to create trust through sincerity, honesty, and respectfulness. We strive to show this to everyone in our community who leans on us for support.


We remain humble and always ensure client dignity is a priority, even in the most troubling of circumstances. We seek to understand and empathize with all members of our community. We try to put our clients’ needs above our own.


Through selfless service, we try to provide a measure of relief through genuine care and concern. We show empathy, patience and understanding, knowing we play a key role in creating a better community.


Our community can depend upon each member of our team to show loyalty to our clients in service to our mission. When we make a commitment we follow through.