How-To Request Furniture for your Clients

Furniture Request Form
  • It should not be printed and given to clients, nor left in the lobby of your building
  • The Furniture Request Form should only to be used by case workers, and 
  • Should be completed after visiting a client’s residence, whenever possible.
  • It is important to only request the furniture you know will fit in the client’s residence without overcrowding their new place
  •  Click here, or on the logo, to download the Furniture Request Form
  • The Furniture Request Form in MS Excel will calculate the pricing automatically as long as you agree to Enable Content Editing when you open the worksheet and before entering content to activate the formulas
  • Failing to Enable Content Editing will result in the wrong total cost on the order form.
  • If your order is to be delivered in Gilroy, San Martin, Morgan Hill or San Mateo County, add Surcharge of $50 for delivery
About the Ordering Process
  • We recommend a site visit to the client’s residence – when ever possible – prior to placing your order is recommended.
  • Look for any obstruction, measure the width and height of door frames, stairways, hallways, elevator.
  • Our standard package includes 10 basic items, based on your clients’ needs and space, you can adjust the items you know will fit in the residence.
  • In addition to our standard package, you can to add additional items to the standard order and/or add multiple items of the same product. (purple box on the order form).
  • You can add items such as bed, bookshelf, desk, extra lamp, dining chair or dresser to complement the standard package.
  • All client information is treated with strict confidentiality.
How Many Items Should Be Ordered?

Case workers are strongly encouraged to complete the form after a site visit of the client’s residence.
We recommend to make sure the unit is big enough to accommodate the furniture.
We advise that  you only request the furniture that you know will fit in the client’s space.
During Covid-19, case workers (CW) may be restricted or prevented to do clients’ site visit. CW could
Encourage client to give a “visual tour” of their place using a video chat application on their phone
Empower clients to help measure the size of their place

How-To Submit the FRF?
  • If you have any questions about the above, or how to complete the form, please Contact BAFB. Our staff will be happy to assist you.
What Happens after Submitting the Form?
When FRF are sent to BAFB:

  • If the form is incomplete , or if we have a question, you will be contacted via phone so that we can gather the information
  • If the form is complete, BAFB staff will call the client to schedule the delivery
  • Once the delivery is set, you will receive an email with the scheduled delivery date
  • If you do not receive an email from our office within 48-hours, please Contact BAFB Staff

When FRF are sent to The Health Trust for approval:

  • Once signed and processed, the FRF will be sent to BAFB’s office and will be processed as listed above
About Scheduling the Deliveries

Sadly, CoViD-19 has altered our normal schedule.

Under normal circumstances our 

  • Deliveries were scheduled Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday as the workload demanded
  • Time frame: We deliver almost always within 5 working days. If an order is received on a Monday or Tuesday, we will do everything possible to deliver the same week
  • Orders received on Wednesday and Thursday may also be scheduled for the same week delivery – workload permitting
  • Once the delivery is set with your client, they can expect to receive two other calls:
    • From BABF Office the day before the delivery to confirm the client/designee will be home and they will be given a two-hour window
    • From BAFB Driver with an estimated time of arrival 
  • Receiving the furniture: Client will need to sign for the deliver, as this signature will become our proof of delivery
    • If unable to be there, clients could have a designated person to receive and sign for the furniture on their behalf. Client will need to provide BAFB with their names and phone number so that BAFB can call them to confirm their availability. The driver will also call this person with an estimated time of arrival
    • If your client doesn’t have anyone to be on the premises to receive the furniture, client can assign their landlord, property manager or even case worker to receive the delivery
    • If your client needs to cancel the order, client/and or case worker are expected to call the office 650-969-2100 to cancel the order within 48 hours. Client should not call the driver to cancel or reschedule an order.
    • If your client is unable to maintain their commitment to accept the furniture on the scheduled date, we request a 48-hour cancellation notice whenever possible so we can prevent us from loading the truck with items that will remain undelivered, when the space on the truck could have been used for items to be delivered another family in need
    • Messages left on the office voice mail after work hours, the day before the delivery will be considered no-show, as the truck would have already been loaded, locked and ready to go first thing in the morning with client’s order
    • If the client is a no-show at the time of the confirmed and agreed delivery date, the agency will be billed $125 fee to help re-cover the operational costs incurred
Deliveries During Covid-19
During the Covid 19 pandemic, we have implemented following safety guidelines:
1. Our personnel will wear masks and gloves while minimizing contact at time with clients
2. Our crew will position furniture inside front door only (except in cases of seniors or those physically unable to reposition furniture)
3. BAFB crew and clients will maintain minimum social distancing spacing of 6 feet
How to Measure Without a Tape Measure?

Case workers are encouraged to support clients and share with them how they can measure easily without measuring tapes. There are variety of ways to do so:
All your clients need is an object with a consistent length.

    Sometimes referred to as WINGSPAN, is the physical measurement of the length from one end of an individual’s (measured at the fingertips) to the other when raised parallel to the ground at should height at a 90° angle.
    The arm span measurement is usually very close to the person’s height.
    An easy way to measure without a tape measure is to use your cash.
    A plain old dollar bill is exactly 6.14 inches long and 2.61 inches tall, but you can simply round those down to the nearest half-inch.
    A standard sheet of letter paper is exactly 8.5 inches by 11 inches.
    Use either the long or short edge depending on the size of the surface you’re measuring.
    Instead of using a sheet of paper, why not go a step further and simply print out a ruler?
    Here are some 12-inch ruler templates you can use in those moments when you absolutely need to be as accurate as possible.
Photos and Measurement of Furniture Presently Available

To help you select the most appropriate furniture for your clients, here are photos and measurement of the furniture presently available in our warehouse.

For safety reasons, our warehouse is not open to the public.


Dresser-3 DrawersDresser - 3 drawers
Solid wood three drawer chest

36” Wide x 24” Deep x 30” High
Sturdy bookshelf with one adjustable shelf

36" Wide x 12" Deep x 30" High

45” Long x 24” Wide x 30” High
Desk ChairDesk Chair
This modern adjustable chair with caster wheels and no armrest, (can also be used as dining chair)

26” Wide x 26” Deep x 40” High
Minimum Seat Height - Floor to Seat 19''
Maximum Seat Height - Floor to Seat 23''
side tableEnd Table

19" Long x 19" Wide x 19" High
Night table/nightstandNight Table
These are solid wood with marble top
(style or size may vary depending on inventory)

26½" Wide x 16½" Deep x 27" High
Coffee TableCoffee Table

24" Long x 36" Wide x 18" High
Dining TableDining Table

Length: 47 ½" x Wide: 27 1/2" x High: 30 1/2"
Dining ChairDining Chair
Depending on our inventory, these solid wood chairs could come with or without padded cushions
Foam-filled microsuede upholstery (color may vary based on inventory)

56¼" Long x 31½" Wide x 34" High
Lounge Chair Lounge Chair
Wicker lounge chair with red leather seat (cushion included, color may vary)

31" High x 27" Wide x 31" Deep
MattressesXLTwin, Full and Queen Size Mattress
9 inch thick Tempur-Sealy mattresses
Full for one or two adults
Queen for two adults only
bed measurements
Twin XLTwin XL Mattress and Frame
Could be converted into bunk beds. Bunk bed kits are $75.00 to turn the twin beds into bunk beds include safety rail, metal pins, ladder, installation labor.

80” Long x 39” Wide x 14” High
Full Bed - Mattress and BaseFull Mattress and Frame (For one or two adults)

75” Long x 54” Wide x 14” High
nullQueen Mattress and Frame (For two adults only)

80” Long x 60” Wide x 14” High
Folding crib with mattress

Folding Crib and Mattress
Designed for portability, this crib easily folds for storage and transport, while lockable hooded caster wheels make it easy to move around when in use.

37 ½” Long x 24 ¼” Deep x 39 ¼” Tall