Our Metrics

BAFB Financials

Annual Budget: $713,173

Staff: 2 full-time employees, 4 part-time employees and 18 Volunteers

Legacy Activities


    • Families leaving shelters, cars and vans
    • Veterans
    • Foster children aging out of the program
    • Victims of domestic violence and natural disasters (San Jose Flood, Covid-19 pandemic)
    • Low-income families

Statistics – Furniture Deliveries as of March 31, 2021

    • 1,550 Families (+157% in 2020 over 2019)
    • 2,620 Adults (+16% over 2020) and 1,989 children (+16% in 2021 over 2020)
      • 73% Had no bedding
      • 76% Had no table and chairs
      • 94% Could not afford to purchase furniture

Statistics – Family Surveys Conducted after Furniture Deliveries

    • 70% Feel we provide a new beginning
    • 71% Feel we create a place they can feel rested and restored
    • 90% Feel we restore their dignity

Mutual Aid Partnership

    • Google, Hengehold Trucking, Tempur-Pedic, Sleepworld, and Downtown Street Team

Community Partners

    • Apple, Box Corp., eBay, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Los Altos Community Foundation, Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Volume Furniture Donors:

    • Stanford University, UCSC, Biltmore Hotel, Hyatt Del Monte, The Inn at Saratoga, The Fairmont Hotel, Westin Hotel and Extended Stay America
  • Have redirected and provided over 16,000 furniture pieces in first 4 years of operation.
  • 485+ Tons of furnishings diverted from landfill
  • Provided over 500 beds in the last 8 months. 125 beds, desks and mini fridges were given to the Veterans Housing Facility in San Jose in 2020.
Covid-19 Activities (March-July 2020)
  • Designated as Essential Service by Santa Clara County to be the exclusive furniture supplier for SCC Housing Authority and VA Housing programs. Working every day, with extreme caution, BAFB provided furniture to:
    • 320               Adults
    • 240               Children
    • 280               Families
    • 139                Veterans
    • 263               Homeless
Looking Forward
  • We are building capacity to meet the Post-COVID-19 forecasted needs of the SC County Housing Authority to provide furniture for planned housing developments accommodating 1,100 families and 2,500 additional scattered units throughout the County over the next 36 months.